Open Access Policy

Why publish open access with MARS Publishers?

Publishing open access with MARS Publishers offers researchers many benefits including:

  • A wide choice of high-quality journals maximizing your reach within and beyond your field
  • High visibility and discoverability of your work via MARS Publishers
  • Rigorous peer review for every open access article
  • Rapid online publication allowing you to share your work quickly
  • Global marketing and publicity, ensuring your article reaches the people you want it to
  • Expert editorial boards
  • Retention of full copyright of your article through unrestrictive publishing agreements

Open access publishing options

MARS Publishers offers a variety of publishing options to ensure your research is available without restriction, reaching the right audience for maximized discoverability and impact.

Fully open access journals and platforms

Explore MARS Publishers' full open access journals and platforms, where every new article is published free open access.