About MARS Publishers

The MARS, founded in 2018 and registered by SECP in 2021,  is the leading professional organization for the study of social sciences and serves more its members all over the world. With a range of programs and services for individuals, departments, and institutions, MARS brings together researchers from all fields of inquiry, regions, and occupational endeavors within and outside academia to expand awareness and understanding of social science issues.


  • Linguistic Forum - A Journal of Linguistics

    Linguistic Forum (LinFo) - A Journal of Linguistics is a peer-reviewed, international and interdisciplinary journal publishing original research articles and significant contributions to education and educational sciences. The journal is a valuable resource for teachers, counselors, supervisors, educational administrators, school principals, educational policymakers, curriculum planners, and educational researchers as they consider the structure of tomorrow's educational system.

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  • International Review of Literary Studies

    International Review of Literary Studies (IRLS) is an International Open Access blind peer-review journal of literary studies that publishes original research articles, review papers, and book reviews, and cutting-edge research informed by Literary and Cultural Theory. IRLS is an independent quarterly publication published by MARS Publishers. IRLS provides a rapid process in publishing the submitted after a rigorous check at the editors’ desk before the double-blind peer-review process. All articles are accepted/rejected purely on the basis of parameters developed covering aim and scope, paper length, plagiarism policy, and organization of the content.

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  • Discourse Studies Forum

    Discourse Studies Forum (DisFo) is an international peer-reviewed journal for the study of text and talk. Publishing outstanding work on the structures and strategies of written and spoken discourse, special attention is given to cross-disciplinary studies of text and talk in linguistics, anthropology, ethnomethodology, cognitive and social psychology, communication studies and law. 

  • Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities

    Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (JoSH) is a peer-refereed platform for open scholarship from across social science, and humanities disciplines. Its scope is inclusive of inter-, multi-disciplinary research work as well as novel, experimental, and replica research findings. It evaluates the submissions on the basis of their academic and methodological validity as well as research robustness. Being an open access journal, JoSH avails all articles immediately and permanently for authors and readers to read, download, cite, share, distribute, and copy through Creative Commons license.